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This site samples Nicklas' work and content. 


Photo: Alexander Haakonsson, THIS Conference on Future Stories & Engagement, 2021




Nicklas works to empower learners and leaders and cultivate cultures of anticipation, using futures as a catalyst for renewed agency.


In a multifaceted approach he hold diverse learning spaces in creative, educational, and cultural environments, while extending his efforts to critical domains such as policy, civic, philanthropic sectors, and multilateral institutions. 

He holds a UNESCO Co-Chair position in Anticipatory Leadership & Futures Capabilities, while serving as the Senior Advisor heading Arts and Culture, and as board member at the pioneering non-profit think tank, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Moreover, he is member of faculty at Parsons Paris and in the Lead of Teach the Future in Denmark, while being actively involved in i.e., the Future Oriented Museum Synergies Network, and the Network of Institutions for Future Generations.

Over the past decade, Nicklas has demonstrated his expertise by successfully delivering numerous strategic foresight and thought leadership projects, flagship reports, and commissioned futures-oriented research, establishing himself at the forefront of his field. Presently, he focuses on fostering anticipatory capabilities and social imagination, collaborating with cultural institutions to democratize futures thinking through participatory and experiential practices.

Within Teach the Future, Nicklas showcases his passionate dedication to embedding futures thinking across diverse curricula domains. His mission is to equip today's youth with essential tools and knowledge to anticipate futures for enhanced agency to navigate the world ahead.

Recent work:

  • Developing scenarios for potential future European space exploration capabilities for the European Space Policy Institute to inform long-term policy making. 

  • Interviewing Kristian Leth on stage at The Danish Culture Meeting '23 about his new book "The future is also here tomorrow". 

  • Moderating UNICEF Danmark and LEGO Group on needed youth-competencies to approach a complex future at the Danish Democracy Festival 2023

  • Keynote at the BMW RadHub on futures of mobility 

  • Keynote at the Sharing Desired Futures conference on embodied learning

  • Keynote at the Global Futures Forum - Coalition For the UN We Need on anticipatory leadership

  • Initiating Futures Philanthropy with PHILEA - Philanthropy Europe Association

  • Experiential futures literacy tour for museums, FUTURIUM 

  • Training and upskilling over 200 staff members in futures thinking and foresight work at the Asian Development Bank

  • Hosting a Danish National Public Service TV show on Youth Futures (Hvem styrer dit liv? DRP3)

  • Developing a masterclass on futures literacy through CIFS

  • External lecturer at the Danish National School of Performing Arts and the IT-University Copenhagen.

  • Virtual foresight program for Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

  • Keynote at the International Conference for Futures Design on expanding realities with futures literacy 

  • Guest lectures at Parsons Paris' Strategic Design BA

  • Keynote at CPH World Pride on queer futures

  • Curating UNESCO's Global Futures Literacy Summit



A selection of recent talks, webinars,
keynotes and educational content



Professor at the Danish National School of Performing Arts

"Together with CIFS, we have launched a new research program, Imagining the Future, at the new Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts at Denmark's National School of Performing Arts. The students have, with tremendous enthusiasm, embraced the partnership with CIFS through their workshop, lectures, and futures literacy laboratories.


The merge between The Institute's methods of applied futures studies and the creative and artistic field of performing arts has become impressively fruitful. We are very grateful for the achievements made possible by the contribution from CIFS to create new stories and new ways of telling them."

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