Speaking, writing, teaching and advising on futures thinking with an aspiration to democratise futures literacy through arts, culture, philanthropy and education. 

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Photo: Alexander Haakonsson, THIS Conference on Future Stories & Engagement, 2021




I'm a Senior Advisor at the non-profit, futures think tank, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, and I teach as external lecturer at the Danish National School of Performing Arts and at the IT-University Copenhagen 

I have grown up in the field of futures studies and practiced large scale strategic foresight and thought leadership projects in health, media and retail in a pioneering think tank for almost a decade.


While the demand for foresight today, for all its merits in strategy, risk management and innovation, is still mostly commercially rooted, I sense that the market is developing in a more altruistic and public direction, as governments are gearing up to represent and safeguard the interests of future generations. 

I cherish the educational systems that has begun to acknowledge the value of training students’ anticipatory capabilities and the cultural institutions that explore their role in democratizing futures for a wider audience.  


In my recent work I was appointed curator for UNESCO’s Futures Literacy Summit, I have been on the SteerCo for the Future Oriented Museum Synergies network organised by Museum of Tomorrow International, and I have integrated futures studies in various curricula across art, design and business domains in Denmark. Currently, I am heading CIFS' Arts and Culture research and initiatives, while also exploring synergies in futures studies and philanthropy. 

It’s in these intersections that I believe I can make a difference.

If a transdisciplinary festival on art, tech and futures studies resonates with you, then please reach out. 


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Professor at the Danish National School of Performing Arts

"Together with CIFS, we have launched a new research program, Imagining the Future, at the new Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts at Denmark's National School of Performing Arts. The students have, with tremendous enthusiasm, embraced the partnership with CIFS through their workshop, lectures, and futures literacy laboratories.


The merge between The Institute's methods of applied futures studies and the creative and artistic field of performing arts has become impressively fruitful. We are very grateful for the achievements made possible by the contribution from CIFS to create new stories and new ways of telling them."